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      There not many minutes later you might have seen the four men amicably gathered and vying in clever speeches to pretty Mrs. Callender and her yet fairer though less scintillant step-daughter Anna.

      He knelt down beside the hammock, and his hand went out toward hers; but he drew it back; he did not dare to touch her.Do not be too sure, said Trafford. It is as likely as not that she will refuse me in the end.

      I havent seen you since the wedding. II wanted to tell you how sorry Ive been that I rushed myself upon you that morning.

      Trafford said he would take some tea, and it was brought in. He seated himself in a lounge chair, and watched her as she poured out the tea. She was not in the least shy, not in the least embarrassed, and she asked him if he took sugar, as if she had known him all her life. He noticed that she looked particularly young and girlish in her plain afternoon dress, and that her hands, which he saw for the first time without their gloves, were, though brown, small and shapely. He noticed, too, how long and dark her lashes were, and that the beauty which he had remarked in the ball-room did not wane in the daylight; indeed, she looked even more charming. A book was lying on the couch beside her, and he took it up. It was a book of adventure, plentifully illustrated.If so, she will come back presently, said Esmeralda. And if she does, are you going to take the advice I gave you this morning and tell her that, though you are only a pauper, as you call it, and youve no money, youve grit enough to ask her to be your wife?

      Esmeralda knit her brows.It all seems like a dream, a horrible dream, she said; and slowly and with many breaks she gave him an account of her capture, detention in the hut, and escape.

      The duke was delighted with Esmeraldas driving.Dont say a word! she said, with an impatient movement of her head. I have seen you together since she has been here; I have seen her look at you, have heard her voice when she spoke to you. I have learned a great deal since I came to this London of yours. I know what these grand ladies are. Do you think I havent listened to the stories of Lady Wyndover and other women? Do you think I dont know how they live, how little they care what they do, what other womens hearts they break, so that they can have their own way? You think I dont know that Lady Ada says to herself, that though you may be my husband, you really belong to her?


      Trafford sat beside Lilias for a time, and all her talk was about Esmeraldahow beautiful she was, how exquisitely the dress suited her, of how happy Trafford must be. It was almost unendurable for him, but he made the proper responses, and smiled, and tried to look happy. Then he went to the piano where Ada was still softly touching the keys. He had thought it bad taste of her to come to Belfayre, and, as if she had discerned his thought, her first words, spoken in too low a voice to be heard by the others, were:All right, said Esmeralda, Im quite ready. But what shall we do with these things?


      And she sighed.


      It seemed to Trafford that he had seen the tall, well-knit figure before, but he did not identify it, for the moment, with the horseman Johnson, the driver, had pointed out.Oh, thank you so much! murmured Lady Ada. But arent you going to dress?