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      Of that I wash my hands, he exclaimed hastily. Then softening his voice: I was told you were divorced?

      When Fritz was seven years of age, he was taken from the care of his female teachers and placed under tutors who had been carefully selected for him. They were all military officers who had won renown on fields of blood. The first of these was M. Duhan, a French gentleman of good birth and acquirements. He was but thirty years of age. By his accomplishments he won the esteem, and by his amiability the love, of his pupil. Count Finkenstein, the second, was a veteran general, sixty years old, who also secured the affections of little Fritz. Colonel Kalkstein was twenty-eight years of age. He was a thorough soldier and a man of honor. For forty years, until his death, he retained the regards of his pupil, who was ever accustomed to speak of him as my master Kalkstein. In the education of the young32 prince every thing was conducted in accordance with the most inflexible routine. From the minute directions given to the teachers in a document drawn up by the father, bunglingly expressed and wretchedly spelled, we cull out the following:

      The next morning they went to Raincy, where the Duke and M. de Sillery spent the whole of the day with them. The infatuation between the Duke and Mme. de Genlis seems to have been at an end, if we may trust her account of that last day."Father wants a great deal more editing than mother," said Belinda, "but there's no use in talking to him. He is encased in the armour of self-esteem. It made my blood[Pg 39] run cold to see him taking Lord Lostwithiel over the grounds and stables the other daypraising everything, and pointing out this and that,and even saying how much things had cost!"

      "So my sister tells me, and I was very much taken with her myself, but one cannot afford to be friendly with Mrs. Crowther at the cost of knowing her husband."

      Eryes, said Mr. Pinchook, who had never, in the whole course of his professional experience, met any one quite so cool and listless and altogether immovable as this Mr. Varley Howard, the professional gambler. He completely forgave his daughter, and instructed us to make inquiries respecting her. We learned that the husband was dead, that a[43] child was born, and thaterMrs. Chetwynde had left England with it soon after. The child was a girl.


      No; I came straight from Australia, she said. I have never been anywhere else.


      "I have no wish to recover. I only want to die.""No, no, pray don't! We parted good friends. She can say nothing to you more than she said to me. Pray don't let there be any bad blood between you. What could be gained by your going? To-morrow, tooour first day together!"


      Whats the good of it to me? demanded Bill. I aint got no missis to look after it, and Id look pretty carrying a live infant in front of me on the mare! Id best take her back to Dogs Ear, for I reckon thats where her motherd come from.