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      "Yes, with windows opening on the second piazza."

      "I love Allegra too well to hazard her happiness. I know she loves youhas never cared for any one else. She was heart-whole till she saw you. She had no more thought of love, or lovers, than a child. I want you to marry her soon, Captain Hulbertvery soon, before we leave Rome. Would you not like to be married in Rome?"He stood looking at her for a moment, his face as white as hers. He even took a step toward her: but she put out her[101] hand, with a gesture almost imperial, and he took up his hat and went.

      Bergan started. There was a quiet significance in her tone and manner that made his heart beat fast, for just one moment,not with elation, however, so much as with a heavy weight of responsibility; as if the chill corpse, the crumbling Hall, the hundreds of negroes, the far-stretching lands, and all the cares and complexities thereto pertaining, had been suddenly flung on his shoulders. But the feeling passed quickly; he remembered the will in favor of Carice, as well as its fraudulent successor (which, he now bethought himself, it might be impossible to nullify, even if he could bring himself to come in conflict with Carice's husband); and the weight slid easily from his shoulders, though not without leaving some correlative heaviness in his heart.

      Mr. Crowther had a penchant for scraps of French, which decorated his speech as truffles adorn a boned turkey.Isola and Lostwithiel met a good many times after that walk through the autumn mists. She tried her utmost to avoid him. She went for fewer walks than of old; nay, she chiefly confined her perambulations to those domestic errands which Tabitha imposed upon her, and such afternoon visits as she felt it incumbent upon her to pay, in strict return for visits paid to her. Major Disney had begged her to be exact in such small ceremonies, and to keep upon the best possible terms with his friends. "I love[Pg 51] every soul in the place, for old sake's sake," he told her; and for old sake's sake Isola had to cultivate the people her husband had known all his life.

      "What would you have done, Martin?" she asked, in a low voice, with her face still hidden against his breast, his arms still round her.

      No; I suppose not! said Trafford. I am very glad that you are friends already. By the way, old man, you forgot, in the excitement of your surprise, to give Esmeralda that little present.

      "So young to see Rome," she murmured. "And to think that those star-like eyes will see and take no heed; to think that such a glorious vision will pass before him, and he will remember nothing."



      Do you mean to say that she is not charming? She looks delightful. Think of that face and two millions of money! What a prize she will be! I wonder who the lucky man will be?