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      Scarcely had she finished when she heard the dip of oars, and looking out in an agony of horror at the apprehension of Lostwithiel's return, she saw a boat laden with two big[Pg 315] milliner's baskets, and with a woman sitting in the stem. The men who were rowing this boat were not of the crew of the Vendetta.

      Yes, bring a couple of gallons, said Taffy, with solemn gravity. Ave a bath in it, Varley; it might pull yer round.

      No, you will not! he said. You could not, Miss Chetwynde. I am glad I have met you to-night; I want to tell you how much I admiredappreciatedyour courage, your presence of mind! Another woman, girl, would have screamed or run away.


      She would have clasped his arms with both her hands, but he pushed her from him almost roughly.By Heaven! there is no one like you, he saidno one in the whole world so good, so generous!




      As the dinner proceeded she became almost gay, but there was a feverishness and unrest in her mood which both men noticed. Norman, whose mood seemed to reflect hers as a pool reflects the sun, exerted himself to win a smile from her, and when he succeeded in getting one of her low, rippling laughs, his eyes grew bright and his tanned cheeks flushed. He had all the gossip of fashionable London and the clubs to select from, and he retailed such of it as was fit for publication in a capital style.Its not Barkers fault, said Esmeralda. It doesnt matter; I shall do. Lady Lilias and I have been romping.