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      Josphine cried and entreated in vain, pointing out the ingratitude he was forcing her to display; but though he always retained his private friendship for Trzia, he told Josphine that only respectable women could be received by the wife of the First Consul.

      It cannot be Satan, said the wife of the concierge, but it may be conspirators.


      Another time, hearing that the Princess wanted some shoes for a ball, he sent an express which travelled night and day to Paris to get them.


      The two sisters had not met since the interview at the inn during the triumphal progress of the La Fayette. It was a mercy that Pauline had not believed in their Utopia nor taken their advice. Even now Adrienne was only exchanging one [252] prison for another, for she was shortly going to Austria to obtain leave to share that of La Fayette.