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      There was a crowd of similar men surging around the ammunition wagons, each eager to get his load and rush back. The covers of the wagons had been torn off, and a man stood in each, pitching the boxes to the clamoring details. All were excited and reckless. The pitching would be wild, or the catching bad, and occasionally a box would strike a man on the head or body and knock him down. He would scarcely stop to swear, but snatch up his precious box and rush off toward his regiment.80

      Pen breathed more freely.

      "Wait till they come up stairs."Si already had his blue clothes on. By enlisting early he had a good pick of the various garments, and so got a suit that fitted his formwhich was plump as an apple-dumpling tolerably well. It was left for the tail-enders of the company to draw trousers that were six inches too long or too short, and blouses that either wouldn't reach around, and left yawning chasms in front, or were so large that they looked as if they were hung on bean-poles.

      "That's enough of your misery. When I came in that door you started to move as spry as a kitten after its tail!"

      "Yes, that's a fact!" said Shorty.

      "Sink it in deep water at the end of the wharf," she said.

      The prospect was dreary and cheerless enough. It was little wonder that many of the young Hoosiers felt as if they wanted to quit and go home. But with that wonderful facility for adapting themselves to circumstances that marked the volunteer soldiers, they set about the work of preparing for the night. No one who has not "been there" can imagine how good a degree of comfortcomparatively speaking, of courseit was possible to reach, with such surroundings, by the exercise of a little patience, ingenuity and industry.


      Pen returned to the store. One of the youths carried her basket out on the wharf. The tender swept around in a graceful circle and came alongside. Riever stood up to hand Pen in. The Island boy's eyes goggled a little at the famous man. Riever looked his worst when he showed his yellow teeth in a loverly smile. Pen shuddered at him inwardly, thinking: "You would not be smiling if you knew what I had just done!"


      Presently he gave the order:


      Presently the fifes and rums played tattoo, and the boys began preparations for turning in.