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      "It is a long story; but I will make it as brief as I can. You know that my cousin Varley is now in prison, under sentence of death for the murder of which I came so near to being convicted myself,and should have been, but for you. Well, he sent for me a few days ago, to ask my pardon, and to beg me to take charge of a certain child of his. It seems that, two or three years ago, he was inveigled into a marriage with a beautiful but unprincipled girl, belonging to one of the worst families in this vicinity; her parents keep a low tavern, generally known, I believe, as the 'Rat-Hole,' about a mile out of town, on the Berganton road. Do you know it?""For the present, yes. And in the morning, I will look in to see how she goes on,that is, if you wish."

      "It is Mr. ArlingHubert Arling, at your service. Can I do anything for you?"

      "Cards! Oh, Martin, she would think that so very formal. I can call upon her. She is always at home on Thursday afternoons, and she likes me to go."

      "I HAVE YOU STILL, THE SUN COMES OUT AGAIN.""No, massa Harry, nothing 't all. Only, ole massa, he say we's gittin lazy,Vic an' me;an' he tought you'd better be gettin' some good out ob us, dan to leab us in de stableno, I mean, in the cabin, no, one in de stable and turrer in de cabina-eatin' our heads off;dat's jes' what he said, massa. So he clared us off in a hurry, an' tole us to gib you his lub, and tell you dat he 'sposed you'd kinder forgotten 'bout us."

      Mr. Pinchook was about to recommence his remonstrance, but Varley Howard signed to him to be silent."None as yet. Perhaps I may get one as your story progresses."


      He knew what the answer would be. He thought her mind was wandering, and he knew there was only one image which could so agitate her.


      "Then, suddenly, a thought came to him, and with it, a gleam of hope. He took his hands from his eyes, and looked the Major gravely in the face.


      "Did he see the pretty white ship, then?" said the nurse, holding him up in the sunshine. "The beautiful white ship."