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      There are a great many; they are all condolences as far as I have got, replied Lady Ada, with a peculiar dryness in her voice.

      In England, London, they only care for your money. No, let me be just; thats not true. There were one or twothe duke, a young girl, Lady Wyndoverwho were fond of me. But the rest She shuddered. Ah! its better to be here, Varley, with only a couple of dresses, and short of boots and shoes, with just a hut to live in, but warm, loving hearts around you, than to reign over there a great lady, a duchess, with more dresses than you know what to do with, with diamonds that only make people envy and hate you because theyre better than theirs. Theres bad luck here sometimes, and its rough and ready, butshe stretched out her arms with a gesture almost fiercebut its heaven here compared with the false hell over there.

      She laughed with her eyes closed.

      "Tell him no!" whispered Flora, but in vain, so quickly had Anna handed Irby the order.I neednt trouble you, she said. I shall see her in the drawing-room. His hand dropped, but she held out the letter again. Perhaps you had better take charge of it, she said, carelessly; I may lose it; for, of course, I havent a pocket to put it in.

      Black was that Friday for the daughters of Dixie. Farragut demanded surrender, Lovell declined. The mayor, the council, the Committee of Public Safety declined.




      "Yass!" piped Madame, "he'll obtain him!"


      What is it? Something very dreadful?