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      "Oh, I've found a way of gitting shut of them rootsesthought of it while I wur working at the trees. I'm going to blast 'em out."And he carried a prayer from the lad of the Manor,

      And what she had disclosed to him, what they spoke of, made no difference that he could see in what he felt.

      He dragged the last word a little slowly, and there was the faintest hint of a catch in his voice.

      Si picked up a stick and drew a line in the ground. "Now bring your toes to that line, and keep 'em there.""He did do something to 'em, Sargint," said Gid Mackall. "I seen him givin' 'em something."


      "I know," Norma said. "Greta, who was he, anyhow?"


      But it was all hopeless. Most likely in future all that would remain free to him of Boarzell would be this Fair ground, crowded once a year. The rest would be built overfat shop-keepers would grow fatteroh, durn it!


      So it was with every one. The moment the excitement of the impending fight passed away, every one was sinking with fatigue, and all his other troubles came back. Monty Scruggs suddenly remembered how badly he had been hurt, and started to drag himself off in search of the Surgeon, while Harry Joslyn and Sandy Baker, chumming together for the first time, snuggled together in their blankets, and sought that relief from the excitement and fatigues of the day which kindly Nature never refuses to healthy young bodies.The alienthe barbarianwill not of himself continue contact in any meaningful manner. The gap is too great between his life and that of the civilized person, and a disparity so great becomes, simply, invisible. Under conditions of equality, the civilized person must degenerate to barbarian status: his mind can comprehend the barbarian, and he can move in that direction. The barbarian, incapable of comprehension of the civilized world, cannot move toward that which he cannot see.