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      [181] Walpole, George II., I. 344.[27] Le Ministre Champigny, 4 Juin, 1695; Ibid., 8 Juin, 1695.

      Pendleton stared. "How do you know?"He presently went on: "That's the trouble with life to a man like me: I have no particular incentive to do anything."

      Notwithstanding the querulous tone Pen saw that she had been accepted as a fellow-woman. There was no more strangeness between them.

      Governor. Tell him to go on.


      Perhaps he was as near despair as his undaunted nature was capable of being. In his present state of body and mind he was a hero without the light and cheer of heroism. He flattered himself with no illusions, but saw the worst and faced it all. He seems to have been entirely without excitement. The languor of disease, the desperation of the chances, and the greatness of the stake may have wrought to tranquillize him. His energy was doubly tasked: to bear up his own sinking frame, and to achieve an almost hopeless feat of arms.


      V1 of William Johnson, on the Mohawk, he wrote to Clinton in evident anxiety for his own scalp: "If the French go on so, there is no man can be safe in his own house; for I can at any time get an Indian to kill any man for a small matter. Their going on in that manner is worse than open war."


      A comely youth, and pious too;