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      "Early for tattoo, ain't it?" said they, looking inquiringly at one another.

      "Go ahead," said Si, helping Monty to his feet. "I'll be right with you."

      The next attempt was equally successful, and as Shorty unrolled the bills he remarked:

      "Not a mite," asserted Bob.

      The rebels on the crest, 100 feet above, had been trying to assist their comrades below, by firing with their muskets, and occasionally sending a shell, where they could get their howitzers sufficiently depressed. Now they had bethought themselves to roll rocks and heavy stones off the crest, which fell with a crash on the treetops below.


      It felt hopeless and dragged-out and like something you'd never want to go through again, am I right?


      The poor man looked as miserable as if put in a strait-jacket, but tried to literally obey instructions. Chorus.


      "Attention, Co. Q," suggested rather than commanded Capt. McGillicuddy. "Stack arms. Corporal Klegg, you and your squad remain where you are. You are too tired to do any good. Right face; file left; forward march."This was enough. Blows came next. It was their way. Gid Mackall and Harry Joslyn had been inseparable companions since they had begun going to school, and they had scarcely ever let a day pass without a fight. The moment that Si and Shorty appeared within their horizon they had raised the issue of which was the best soldier, and made it a matter of lively partisanship.